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the Coffee House Realty Cafe


the Coffee House / Realty Cafe

At our coffee house the day starts with the sound of the espresso grinder, the smell of fresh organic coffee and freshly baked goods, the
morning paper ready on the porch and the local bagel baker delivering his goods around opening time.

When we created our coffee house we imagined opening the door like we opened our home to the customers who where visiting
our historic town and looking for a place to connect with the local community

The atmosphere we created and our high quality of product
we deliver, combine this with our customer service
commitment and you have the cozy coffee house we had imagined.


Community Cool with Coffee Warmth


Everything at the coffee house has been deliberately designed around the experience of enjoying our coffee house,
organic coffees, unique beverage choices and freshly baked items.
The layout, atmosphere and local art display are visually engaging and colorful, carefully devised to encourage customers to congregate, meet with friends, make new friends, share our offerings and create the energy that gives the Coffee House Realty Cafe its signature buzz.
We emphasize green, Eco-friendly materials in our daily coffee house operations, not to serve as a marketing tool but because this is part of our brand philosophy. Clean lines, warm color palettes, relaxed seating, and carefully chosen decor – everything about our coffee house concept speaks to this community ideal of a classic boutique
coffee house.

Within our Coffee House Realty Cafe, the environment is attractive to a wide range of customers.  Board games and books stock the shelves, soft music fills the coffee house area, the flexible layout allows for impromptu performance events while laughter and conversation
fills our coffee house.

“The most important decisions in life
are made over coffee,
and so should Real Estate.” 

- Theo Glorie -

St. Augustine

Real Estate

Historic Property Specialist

     When Theo Glorie enters a room, he has an energy and

enthusiasm that’s hard to forget.

It’s no different in his real estate career.

He brings dedication with a unique approach to help his
clients reach their buying and selling objectives.
Theo takes time to identify your needs, then formulates and executes an effective plan to achieve your goals.

His understanding and acquaintance with the city of St. Augustine coupled with his sound judgement and business acumen sets him apart and gives you a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.


Theo is committed to Creating Community.
Schedule an appointment today 305-304-9438


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Coffee House / Realty Cafe

47 San Marco Ave.

St. Augustine Fl 32084


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