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Frustrated being a Realtor in today's

Real Estate business?

As an professional Realtor, you have without a doubt seen your life and income affected  by:

  • Too many Realtors in your market.

  • Shifts in effective advertising methods.

  • Competing with Zillow and other mega websites.

  • Less social interactions in this digital age.

You can make every single one of those obstacles go away and have a significant advantage over the competition with a Coffee House -Realty Cafe.

  • Form bonds with potential buyers in a warm, friendly non-intimidating neighborhood setting.

  • Be the first point of contact for new buyers in town

  • Educate consumers on market trends in casual conversation.

  • Earn steady income every day while building your client base.

  • Have fun doing it.

Why A Coffee House Realty Cafe?


The Coffee House Realty Cafe is designed to be a comfortable neighborhood coffee house where locals and visitors meet for conversation and enjoy fine organic products.
The business concept allows you to;

  • Set your own hours.

  • Have fun learning new skills.

  • Surround yourself with fresh pastries, the smell of ground organic coffee, and colorful local art.

  • Meet intriguing people.

  • Make great money.

  • Become a pilar of the community.

You Ordered a Cafe What?

You are probably thinking: "I don't even know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte. I could never run a coffee house!" It's true that many coffee houses don't last, and there are a number of reasons for their failure.
That's why the Coffee House -Realty Cafe System is so integral to the success of your future. The Coffee House has simples systems with proven success for:

  • An espresso bar and beverage menu that is diverse, pleasurable, producible and profitable.

  • Mouth-watering pastries, and effortless bakery products.

  • Creating a vibe that appeals to every generation and encourages friendly interaction.

  • Marketing & advertising techniques that don't cost a dime.

  • Community relations advice that will bring them in.

Theo and Diane 04 - Big.jpg

We're Theo & Diane Glorie and we have personally developed this successful system over the course of 15 years.
In developing the Coffee House Realty Cafe we have become Realtors, baristas, culinarians, artists, community leaders, and successful innovators living our dream and the life we imagined for ourselves in Key West, Florida.

Through trial and error we found out what works
and what doesn't.
Our next step is to share our secrets to success with you so you you can make your dreams come true.

Don't be afraid.
We'll make it easy for you. Shoot us a text, drop us an e-mail, give us a call, or even better, stop in for a conversation over a cup of coffee so you can experience what we've created  (and what you can create too) first hand.
Call Theo at 305-304-9438
or email Theo at

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